Get loans in A-EUR instantly without a credit check.
Now with 0% interest*!
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What is A-Euro?
A-EUR is a stable token that is targeting an exchange rate of 1 with Euro and is available in MT Wallet and on MT Market.
Why do others love using A-EUR?

Because you can get a loan instantly without a credit check!

It has never been easier and faster to get a loan. And the best thing is, it is interest-free*! But this offer is only valid during the promotional period.  We would love to show you how can you get a loan in a matter of minutes!


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* During the promotional period, ModulTrade sponsors loans. This means that if you take out a loan before April 30th 2019, then ModulTrade reimburses your interest rate expense up to 100 USD. You only need to send the proof that you took the loan to ModulTrade. The easiest way to do this is on ModulTrade IO telegram channel.